Who We Are?
“We name it HAPPY DAY INN Resort & Restaurant but our beloved customers like to call it HOME!” Yes! In HAPPY DAY INN, we make you feel like at home. With the nature gifted environment placement and healthiest calamity HAPPY DAY INN gives you the opportunity and pleasure to enjoy one of the best places in Bangladesh.
Why Choose Us?
Happy Day Inn is your escape to a completely different world, a world hidden in the lush green village of chinashukhania, far away from the noise and troubles of the gray and lifeless city limits but not too far away; just within the reach and easily accessable. It's your chance to be one with nature and it provides you with relaxation and leisure, while providing fun and activities for all members of the family!
Happy Day Inn, National Park (Opposite 2nd Gate),Gazipur-Dhaka Highwaya, Bangladesh, Cell:01191-004801-4 .